A man was charged in connection with the deadly tornado outbreak in Oklahoma

A man has been charged with aggravated criminal mischief after officials say he caused $4,000 in damage to property during the storm.

Oklahoma State Police said Tuesday that 28-year-old Michael Johnson was arrested Monday after an investigation into the destruction of several homes in the state’s western Oklahoma City area.

The agency did not immediately release the man’s name.

The Oklahoma City incident happened on Sept. 1.

Johnson was charged with four counts of aggravated criminal destruction of property, one count of misdemeanor damage to an occupied vehicle and two counts of felony damage to the same property.

Police said Johnson destroyed the home of a woman who lived nearby.

The woman’s family said the damage caused by Johnson was significant.

Johnson was arrested on a charge of criminal mischief in August.

He was released from jail on a bond of $2,000.