What’s next for safety standards in railcars

The American Railroads (AR) is making some changes to its safety standards, and that’s in line with recommendations from the Transportation Safety Board (TSB).

But it’s also a bit different from what many railroads have been doing for decades. 

“We’re going to continue to be aggressive with the new railcars that are being manufactured,” American Railways CEO Kevin Murphy told reporters at the company’s annual meeting in Philadelphia. 

Rail cars are a relatively new part of the rail industry, Murphy said.

“The industry has been doing a good job over the years of developing safety standards that have had a proven track record.”

The American Railway Association (ARA) is the trade association representing railroads, trucking companies and the federal government. 

The TSB is an independent federal agency that reviews safety-related safety issues in the United States. 

American Railway, which owns Amtrak, said in a statement that it is taking “the required safety actions.” 

“The TSC has issued several safety recommendations, including a strong and comprehensive safety plan that we have now developed that includes a new system for identifying potential rail car defects and a new set of procedures for identifying and preventing potential rail vehicle crashes,” the statement said. 

ARA’s statement also said that the railroad industry “will continue to evolve our approach to safety” with a “focus on innovation, quality, and performance.” 

Murphy said the railroad has been working on new safety standards for years. 

We’re looking forward to getting this product to market and getting it out to our customers,” Murphy said at the meeting. 

The TSA also recommended that train manufacturers improve safety in their railcars, noting that “train manufacturers should be required to implement new, effective and safe safety systems and procedures.” “

[It] recommended that the American railroads develop and implement an effective, high-quality safety plan and take immediate action to identify and prevent rail vehicle defects,” White said.

The TSA also recommended that train manufacturers improve safety in their railcars, noting that “train manufacturers should be required to implement new, effective and safe safety systems and procedures.” 

American Railways has been making changes to the way it tests new trains in recent years, including putting more railcars into testing. 

In a statement, the company said the changes were part of a larger review of how trains are built and tested. 

 “American Railroads continues to be committed to safety and the TSB’s safety recommendations and our safety plan,” the company stated. 

At a recent event in New York, Murphy was asked about safety in the railcar industry.

“We need to make sure that our products are safe, and we have to do that with our employees and our crews,” Murphy responded. 

Murmur also told reporters that the company was in talks with a variety of railroads to test out new safety equipment, and he said he expected more rail cars would be in production by the end of the year. 

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