How to keep kids safe at movies and TV with these Disney safety posters

With the Disney movie safety posters, parents can ensure their children have a safe experience at Disney movies and other family entertainment venues.

The posters were designed by Disney Safety Products and feature safety information that parents can easily read.

The posters were released in December of last year and are part of the Disney Family Safety Campaign, which encourages parents to be proactive in their safety decisions, including the use of safety-promoting materials in the homes of their children.

The campaign also offers tips and advice on how to keep your kids safe while they are at home.

These posters include tips on how parents can avoid creating distractions, such as music, entertainment or loud noises, or being around people who could hurt or be aggressive.

Disney Safety Products is the parent-led, non-profit agency that makes these posters.

DisneySafety is a registered trademark of Disney Entertainment Inc.

The safety posters are a part of a Disney FamilySafety campaign that is part of Disney’s Safety for Kids initiative.