The police officers who were on duty in a Melbourne car park during a police chase are not going to be on the job next year

Police officers from the Victoria Police Force’s Road Policing Group have told News24 they will not be on active duty in 2018.

Key points:The group of seven officers, who are based at the Melbourne Police Headquarters, have been asked to step down due to the coronavirus outbreakPolice say there will be a full review of their role Police have been dealing with a high level of police and public safety issues for the past yearPolice have been in contact with the families of all of the officers who have died in the coronatax outbreak and said they had not received any communication from them from the end of 2018.

Police chief David Jones said the decision had been made after discussions with the chief executive officer of Victoria Police.

“We have had conversations with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) about the best way forward for the police and their families and it has come to the conclusion that they will be stepping down,” Mr Jones said.

“The decision has been made to put them out of the way for the end year review and that is to say that the police will have to start a full reassessment of the role of the police in the community.”

Mr Jones said there was a “real risk” that the officers could be “in danger of being put out of work”.

He said he hoped that they would be replaced by more police officers from other areas of Victoria who were “trained to deal with this type of situation”.

“There is no doubt that they have had an enormous amount of responsibility and a huge amount of work to do,” Mr Justice Jones said in his written decision.

“They have also had a huge level of exposure to this disease.”

Police Chief David Jones says it is “time for the members of the Road Poling Group to go”Police have also been approached by members of local community groups who want them to step aside and take on a “comprehensive reassessment”.

“It is time for the current officers to take a full and frank look at their roles and their responsibilities in relation to this coronaviscide crisis and to reflect on how best to respond to the current situation,” Mr Law said in the written decision released by the Victoria police on Friday.

Chief of the Victoria Regional Police Association, Kevin Mancuso, said the officers’ decision was “a massive blow” for the community.””

We recognise that some of the issues that have been raised about the current police are important, but these are questions for the future of the group as a whole.”

Chief of the Victoria Regional Police Association, Kevin Mancuso, said the officers’ decision was “a massive blow” for the community.

“I think it’s absolutely disgraceful and it is absolutely disgraceable that these officers were not involved in the decision making process and did not take part in the process that the community came forward with to ensure that these matters were dealt with appropriately,” Mr Mancoso said.


What you need to know about ‘Safety Dance’ lyrics

In the video, a narrator explains that “every day, someone is killed and a child is hurt because of our government.”

In addition to its lyrics, the song is filled with other profanities and profanoid jokes that appear to have been lifted from some other racist music.

“I’m tired of being called a racist,” the narrator says, adding that “we’re not the only ones who are racist.”

The song also features an image of a white man being kicked in the head by an African-American woman.

In the same video, the narrator declares that “black lives matter.”

The lyrics are in keeping with the theme of Trump’s presidency, which has included the removal of protections for transgender people, the closure of schools in some states, and the expansion of hate crimes to include anyone who identifies as a minority.

In recent weeks, Trump has blamed violence on people who are undocumented and people of color for the rise in violence.

“They are the new enemies,” the president said in a radio interview with conservative talk radio host Steve Deace.

“You see what’s going on now?

This is not the first time.

It’s going to continue to happen,” Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity in an interview on February 6.