How to wear safety gear while hiking and camping

On the Appalachian Trail, the phrase “safety boots” has been a common refrain among hikers and campers.

They’re designed to help prevent falls and provide traction to help you walk uphill.

While these shoes can help keep your feet warm during the summer months, they also make for a little less fun to wear during the winter.

The truth is, they can make a great pair of hiking boots or, worse, an ankle holster.

Some hiking boots don’t even make it to the trail.

In some cases, these are the “safety” boots you should consider wearing if you don’t plan on hiking and camping all year.

These include the Merrell Bootcamp Survival Boots, which are made of a synthetic material, but offer a great deal of comfort.

You can also consider the Bontrager Trail Running Boots.

These are made with a more lightweight material that will make them less likely to catch on your toes and ankles, but also allow you to get your feet wet without feeling like you’re wearing a rubber boot.

If you’re not sure which type of safety boots to buy, check out our guide to the best hiking and climbing boots.