How to spot dangerous industrial products in Australia

The Australian Government is urging the public to check their products before purchasing them in an effort to help ensure they are safe.

Key points:Consumer safety experts are urging Australians to check products before buying themThe Government is asking manufacturers to produce ‘safe, effective, and transparent’ productsIt is also urging the industry to make the information on their labels ‘relevant, relevant, accurate, and trustworthy’.

Consumer experts have warned that many industrial products used in the production of products like cars, clothing, toys and appliances can pose health risks.

They say there are numerous warning labels on products that warn of potentially harmful effects from chemical pollutants, such as cadmium, arsenic and mercury, and that consumers should always read the label carefully.

They are calling on manufacturers to:1.

Ensure that any chemicals used in their products are safe and effective.2.

Ensure products are labelled and labelled as safe.3.

Ensure labels contain appropriate safety information.4.

Ensure all information on the packaging and labels of all products is accurate and relevant to the product.

Key point:The Australian Government has been urging the Australian community to check for harmful industrial products on the country’s shelves before purchasing productsThe Government says it is also seeking the industry’s voluntary reporting of dangerous industrial chemicals.

It says the Government is also working with industry and consumers to develop an online tool that will help the public find and compare products they might be buying.