Why ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ is the best comedy show of the year

Why ‘ The O’ Reilly Factor ‘ is the greatest comedy show ever written.

The show is, in its own way, an early comedy revival that was, as one critic put it, “more like a live-action version of ‘The Office.'”

It was also the first to take on the kind of corporate social responsibility that has become so prevalent on TV.

In the new season, which premiered Wednesday, there is no longer a question that “The O” is a show about the people who work at NBC News, or at least, the people that work there.

Rather, it’s a show that examines the people whose lives are shaped by their work.

It’s a reminder that while the news business may be the most lucrative industry in the world, it is also a complex and largely under-covered one, and a show with a lot of good people working at it is an invaluable resource.

For many, that includes former NBC News executives Bill Shine and David Gregory.

It includes NBC News Chairman Mark Lazarus, and, yes, it includes former President Bill Clinton.

And it includes the millions of people who are employed at NBC in other ways as well.

So while “The New O’Reilly Factor” may be a great comedy show, it doesn’t come close to the legacy of “The Office” or even “Friends.”

But that’s the way it should be.