How to remove a plastic hazard sign

A new safety cone on the side of a building in the heart of London has caught the attention of some Londoners.

The new sign, installed in August and called “Bridges Crossing,” is located in the River Thames between Whitechapel and New Cross.

It reads, “Bridget Street Bridge crossing, bridge and canal crossing, crossing at Bridget Street, Bridge and canal.”

The word “Bridge” is written in white and it has been painted to match the colour of the river.

While some have praised the design for creating a safe space for pedestrians, others have complained about the lack of signage.

The signage has also sparked controversy with some arguing that it is “racist” to paint the bridge white, a sentiment that the London Mayor has previously voiced.

The London Bridge Safety Council (LBRC) said it was not against the use of signs, but said the new signage was not appropriate and needed to be removed.

“We are calling for the removal of the signage and for it to be replaced with a better, more inclusive design,” said LBCRC spokeswoman Sophie Breen.

“The new signage is very much in line with the guidelines that are being developed in partnership with the London School of Architecture.”

She added that the LBRC has “considered this particular issue thoroughly and decided to not proceed further with it.”

Breen also pointed out that the signs have been installed in a location where it is a legal requirement that signs be visible.

The design has been approved by the London Planning Inspectorate.

According to the LBDC, the signage is a response to the high rate of pedestrian injuries and deaths linked to bridge accidents.

It also said that the number of pedestrian deaths and injuries has decreased since 2009.