When you’re a rookie, a lot of times you’re not ready to play NFL football

By LOS ANGELES (AP) The NFL draft is just weeks away, but the rookies who will take the field on March 10 will still be learning a lot about themselves and their NFL teams.

The draft can be a daunting prospect, especially for the rookies.

The game is more than two weeks old, and while the competition is still fierce, rookies are not at all accustomed to playing at a high level.

That’s why the NFL’s rookies’ union, known as the Players Association, wants the league to give them more exposure to the game and make it easier for them to make a career in the NFL.

In its latest annual report, the union highlighted the need for more exposure for rookies, saying: “It is not uncommon for rookies to be on the field for as little as one practice or game in the preseason and then miss multiple games in the regular season due to injury.

These short-term injuries and the lack of exposure for NFL rookies have led to some of the league’s most inexperienced players missing games due to injuries and illness.

The league needs to allow the rookies a better opportunity to get up to speed and develop in the league.”

The union also recommended the NFL consider providing rookies a two-week training camp to better prepare them for the start of training camp, as well as the opportunity to have two practice sessions per week.