The best and worst of Destiny 2’s weapons

When it comes to weapons, Destiny 2 has an arsenal of new weapons.

The first game was able to have more than 20 new weapons, with Bungie even including a new variant of the LMG, the DMR.

But what about the other guns?

Are they all great?

Here are our picks for the best and the worst of the Destiny 2 weapons.

[spoiler title]Weapons we loved:[/spoiler]Barracks: The Battle Rifle The Battle Rifles is the most common of Destiny’s weapons, and it’s a nice way to get into combat and keep yourself alive while your friends are trying to escape from your group.

There’s a huge amount of range, with two different options for the rifle: the full-auto mode, where you can keep firing to quickly kill enemies, or the burst mode, which uses your bullets to slow enemies down.

The Burst mode is the best, as you can shoot an enemy in the air, and then quickly move your rifle to the next position.

The B-4E is an incredible weapon.

It has a long-range, great accuracy, and great damage output, but it can also be used to take out enemies quickly.

The Vanguard and Sniper rifles also have excellent range, as well as good accuracy.

The SMG is also very good for sniping.

If you’re on a team with friends, the SMG can be a good option, as it can knock out an enemy from range with just a single shot.

The Shotgun is the least common weapon, but can be used by players who are already in combat with a lot of enemies.

The only drawback to the Shotgun is that it’s not very accurate.

It does, however, have a decent range, so it can be great for taking out enemies from close range.

The M4A1 Carbine has a very long range and can be effective against targets in the middle of a pack.

The Rifleman’s Carbine is also a good weapon for snaring, but its long-ranged nature can make it useless for snipe.

The sniper rifle is also one of the better sniper weapons, since its short range makes it a good way to sneak up on a fleeing enemy.

The Goliath is also the best sniper weapon, since it can cover a wide area with its long range.

You can also take out a bunch of enemies with it, though you will have to pay more attention to the enemies as you do so.

The Titanfall Gunner is a very effective gun for snatching enemies out of the air.

However, you’ll have to use a bit of judgement here, as the gunner is very fast and will almost always be in your sights.

You may want to consider going for a gun that will give you a bigger range, but be careful of the recoil.

The Scout Rifle is a great way to take on the Hunters, especially the Titan.

It’s a great weapon for taking on large groups of enemies at a distance, but you’ll also want to be careful as you take it out.

The Assault Rifle is the gun most people want to pick up.

It fires bullets that deal a ton of damage and is good for long-distance sniping, but the fact that you need to use your melee weapons to take down enemies makes it very difficult to use it effectively.

The Battle Shotgun is also an amazing weapon for long range sniping as well, but only if you are close enough to get it going.

The Storm rifle is another weapon that will put a lot more stress on your shoulders.

Its huge range and good damage output make it a great long-lasting weapon, and its accuracy is very high.

If there’s a weapon you’re going to want to get a lot, it’s this one.

However if you’re not sure, you should definitely consider getting a Sniper Rifle instead.

If the sniper is your main weapon, then it’s definitely worth the investment.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a more versatile weapon that you can switch between all day long, the Sniper Rifle is definitely the one to get.

The DMR is the one that will get most people excited, but we think the weapon should have a little more of a secondary purpose.

If your primary weapon is the Storm Rifle, then this will be a much better weapon to switch to.

However the DMM is still the best long- range weapon in the game, and even if you do end up using the weapon for close range, it still has a respectable range.

If it wasn’t for the weapon’s long range, you could be putting yourself at a considerable disadvantage in combat.

The LMG is the weapon that really separates the two weapons, as its huge damage output and excellent accuracy makes it incredibly good for taking down enemies at close range or on the move.

The Sniper is the better long-shot weapon, as long as you know when to switch between your weapons, but once you start using the sniper for long distance