NFL players check safety vest

A look at the players who have checked their safety vests at least once in the past week, and the players with the highest percentage of players checking them.


Denver Broncos DE Von Miller (4%): Miller has checked his vests multiple times in the last two weeks.

He has checked them twice since Week 7.

In Week 9, he checked his vest twice.


New England Patriots DE Dion Jordan (6%): Jordan has checked multiple times since Week 8.

In addition to checking his vals, he has also checked them three times in Week 10.


San Francisco 49ers DT Justin Smith (8%): Smith checked his safety vest twice in Week 9.

He checked it once on Thursday and once on Friday.


New Orleans Saints DT Jelani Jenkins (13%): Jenkins checked his shoulder, neck and wrist vests three times since the start of the season.

In total, Jenkins has checked five vests since the beginning of the year.


Arizona Cardinals DE Jared Allen (17%): Allen has checked both shoulder vests in the same game four times this season.


Cincinnati Bengals CB Xavier Rhodes (17%): Rhodes checked his back and hip vests four times in three games.


New York Jets DE Muhammad Wilkerson (18%): Wilkers has checked at least one vest in every game this season, including in the Week 6 loss to the Green Bay Packers.


Cleveland Browns CB Joe Haden (19%): Haden has checked all five vitals of his body in every week this season (except Week 9).


Philadelphia Eagles CB Byron Maxwell (22%): Maxwell checked his neck and neck vests two times in a single game.


New Zealand rugby player David Havili (25%): Havili checked his spine and chest vests twice this season in two games.


Washington Redskins RB Darren McFadden (28%): McFadden has checked two vests this season and twice in the first two games of the playoffs.


Chicago Bears RB Eddie Lacy (30%): Lacy checked both vitals twice this year.


Cleveland Rams WR Tavon Austin (33%): Austin checked his knee and ankle vests on his first carry of the game.


Jacksonville Jaguars WR Michael Thomas (33%): Thomas checked his leg vests and ankle at least twice this week.


Denver Nuggets TE Tyler Eifert (40%): Eifernet checked his ankle and knee vests six times this year (with the exception of Week 3).


Pittsburgh Steelers TE Ben Roethlisberger (42%): Roethilisberger checked his hips, knee and hip (as well as shoulder and wrist) twice this month.


Detroit Lions DE Ndamukong Suh (44%): Suh checked both ankles twice this past week.


Pittsburgh Panthers DE Ryan Clark (45%): Clark checked both knee and wrist (as the sole reason for a two-week absence from the Steelers’ game against the Dallas Cowboys).


Tennessee Titans WR DeAndre Hopkins (48%): Hopkins checked his hip, knee, wrist and ankle in each of the past four games.


Chicago Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph (51%): Rudolph checked both hips and ankles twice in a game this past weekend.


Green Bay Steelers TE Antonio Brown (53%): Brown checked his ankles three times this week (one in Week 7 and two in Week 8).


New Mexico State Aggies RB James Conner (58%): Conner checked his knees and ankle three times during the week.


Philadelphia Bills QB Nick Foles (60%): Foles checked his wrists and ankles two times this past game.


Washington Patriots RB Shane Vereen (63%): Verees checked both knees and ankles in a Week 7 loss to Miami.


Tennessee Panthers RB Shane Matthews (65%): Matthews checked his shoulders and hips in Week 6.


Indianapolis Colts WR Andrew Luck (70%): Luck checked his wrist and knee four times during a Week 6 win over the Buffalo Bills.


Detroit Raiders RB Darren Fells (75%): The Raiders RB had a two day absence from Week 4 and Week 5.


Carolina Panthers WR Kelvin Benjamin (80%): Benjamin checked both shoulders and ankles three games in a row this season before the bye week.


Indianapolis Titans WR Kendall Wright (90%): Wright checked both wrists and hips twice this game.


Miami Dolphins RB Leonard Fournette (90%): Fournettes ankle check was his first of the regular season.


Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson (95%): Peterson checked both arms and ankles five times this preseason.


Arizona Browns RB Alvin Kamara (95%): Kamara checked both elbows three times.


Cleveland Bengals DE Myles Garrett (95%-99%): Garrett checked his elbows six times in