Toyota safety glasses are about to change lives

Toyota safety lenses are about “to change the lives of countless people,” according to a video uploaded to YouTube by the Toyota Safety Network (TSN).

The video was filmed in September by a Toyota driver on the Toyota Yaris that had been hit by a truck while it was in a parking lot in Houston, Texas.

The driver was injured but the vehicle’s driver’s seat and passenger were not seriously damaged.

The driver was able to walk out of the hospital and return to his job.

The video shows a group of people with Toyota safety goggles.

One woman sits in the driver’s side seat.

Another, a woman, sits on the backseat, and the other four people sit in the front seats.

The woman wears a safety helmet.

Her friend wears a pair of safety glasses.

Two people, one in the passenger seat, are wearing safety goggles in the back seat.

The third person, in the forward passenger seat of the car, wears a white safety helmet, while the passenger wearing a blue safety helmet is wearing safety glasses and a mask.

The two in the rear passenger seat are wearing the same safety goggles as the one in front seat.

They have both received their safety glasses since the accident.

The safety glasses were made by Nemesis Safety, a subsidiary of Toyota, and are currently available at a wide range of retailers.

In the video, one woman can be seen wearing a Nemesis safety helmet with the company logo.

Another person wearing a safety mask sits in a passenger seat next to the woman wearing a protective mask.

The passenger wearing the protective mask sits next to a man wearing a red safety mask.

Two men are seated in the center of the group wearing safety helmets and the two men seated in front of the woman sitting next to her are wearing Nemesis masks.

Three other people wearing safety masks sit in front the driver and passenger in the car.

The fourth person in the left rear passenger side seat is wearing a white Nemesis mask.

In a press release on Tuesday, Toyota said the company is “working with the community to ensure the safety of all our drivers, passengers, and crew members.”

It also said it is “investing in safety glasses that will be available to all of our employees and employees’ families beginning in the second quarter of 2019.”

The safety helmet company has not responded to a request for comment.

The Toyota Safety network was established in 2010 to promote safety among drivers and other drivers and passengers of public transportation systems.

The network has a mission of making the roads safer for all drivers and their passengers.