How to stop a bad hunter

Wisconsin hunters need to learn to “man up” when it comes to safety, a new gun safety instruction from a top gun safety expert.

The lesson comes as Wisconsin’s hunting season gets underway, with hunters across the state competing for a chance to compete in the national gun show.

While there are many ways to hunt safely, the state is particularly concerned about hunters who “use the wrong tools or equipment, or are using inappropriate tools or gear to hunt,” said Mike Oster, director of the University of Wisconsin System’s Center for Gun Safety.

The lessons are being presented to hunters on a weekly basis at a meeting of the state’s hunters association.

In the past, hunters were expected to show a “manly face,” and be respectful of others, Oster said.

In a statement released Tuesday, the Wisconsin Association of Shooting Clubs said that the new course will “provide hunters with a better understanding of the proper use of the safety tools and equipment, and will help them understand the importance of being safe and self-sufficient in the hunt.”

This is the kind of instruction that Wisconsin hunters have been looking for and will continue to receive,” the statement said.

Wisconsin’s hunting seasons open April 19 and are scheduled to last through September 30.