When a woman falls off a cliff

By Andrew GompertzPublished September 01, 2018 03:15:02A fall off a mountain cliff has left a woman without an arm and her face permanently scarred, a British medical charity has said.

Doctors in Edinburgh are working to reconstruct the face of 22-year-old Amanda Taylor, who was left in a coma for nearly a week after falling from a cliff near her home in the village of Denniston, in the Borders region of Wales.

The charity Doctors Without Borders said in a statement on Sunday that it was “extremely grateful” for the care the hospital has shown Taylor since her injury.

“We are grateful to the medical team at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, who are able to provide so much of the care for our patients,” the charity said.

“Our hope is that she will be able to walk again soon.”

Amanda Taylor, 22, who fell from a tree near her Dennistons home in Wales on Thursday.

Amanda’s parents said their daughter had “never experienced anything like this before”.

“She is a very sweet girl who always has a smile on her face,” her mother, Jenny, told the BBC.

“She had a great smile.

We were very proud of her.”

Doctors at the Edinburgh Royal Hospital were trying to reconstruct Taylor’s face, but the hospital said it had no plans to do so until the girl recovered.

“They were able to reconstruct her face as soon as they were able, which was a really exciting moment,” hospital spokeswoman Kate Hargreaves said.

A local school, St Mary’s College, said in an Instagram post that Taylor had been “very upbeat and had been doing well” since she was released from hospital.

“Her condition is stable and she has regained full use of her arm,” the school said.