How to keep a hunter safe in toe shoes

How to prevent yourself from slipping and getting hurt while hunting, according to experts from the UK’s most prestigious sports medicine clinic. 

The UK’s Royal Veterinary College (RVC) said in a statement that it was “inconceivable” that the foot safety system in shoes could fail in a manner that could cause injury. 

“We have received numerous reports of patients being injured when hunting in toe footwear, but have not been able to determine the extent of the problem and this could lead to an increase in the number of cases,” it said. 

We also need to be mindful of the risks posed by footwear, said Dr David Pacey, a professor at the RVC, in the statement.

“Tight shoes, and in particular tight toe shoes, can be a source of concern.

They are designed to keep the foot in place during a hunting event.

They should not be allowed to slip during the hunting activity.”

There is a clear risk to the wearer if they do not have a good shoe, which could result in a fracture, a blood clot or a possible infection.

“Dr Pacey added that it is not known how many people are injured each year in a single hunting accident.”

I have seen reports of up to 30% of cases in a particular season,” he said.”

It would be difficult to quantify the impact of footwear on these cases.

“However, if the footwear system fails to protect the foot, then it could lead a hunting accident to occur.”

The UK is the only developed country that does not require hunters to wear safety toe shoes to hunt, according the RVCC. 

In addition to the RVA’s statement, the Royal Veterinary Association (RVA) also issued a statement on the matter.

“We believe that the UK is one of the safest places to hunt,” said RVA Chief Executive John Borthwick.

“In fact, the country has the lowest levels of fatal and non-fatal hunting-related injuries per 100,000 population in the world.”

“The RVA will continue to work with the government to improve the safety of our hunting heritage and the hunting experience for all.” 

However, Dr Pacey said he did not think the safety system was in a “critical state” at the moment.

“If you have a really tight toe shoe, you can wear a foot guard, but if you are a footy-farther from the edge of the line, the shoes could slip, and you could get injured,” he explained.

“The problem with tight shoes is that they are not very well designed.

They have very few points of support, and so it’s very difficult to control the angle of the foot when you’re hunting.”

A lot of people are still trying to get the system to work.